Welcome To YouTubers Hub

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Welcome To YouTubers Hub

Happy to see you've landed on this page. My name is Vukasin and I am the creator behind YouTubers Hub.

YouTubers Hub was born as an idea in early 2022 - after a couple of years of doing SEO, I decided to get back to exploring YouTube. Video creation was something I was doing for years prior to getting into SEO. I was also doing a ton of YouTube SEO on and off in the last 2 years.

When I started learning more about recent changes on YouTube in 2022, I realized that there isn't a single website and community dedicated solely to YouTube creators. Don't get me wrong - there are a ton of resources out there. But they are scattered across hundreds of videos, blog posts, and Reddit communities.

I found myself jumping from one place to another trying to find updates to the latest YouTube intricacies. I also wanted to network with more successful YouTube creators but realized there's nothing like it on the Internet.

I was amazed by that fact, given that YouTube has nearly 50 million channels and likely hundreds of thousands of creators competing for audience attention every day.

Given that I've picked up a ton of knowledge in SEO and website building, I was set to create a unified place with tons of resources for YouTube creators and enthusiasts.

I wrote an initial website manifesto back in April of 2022 but launched the website in December of 2022.

Website's Goals

My goal is to create as many quality in-depth guides around content creation on YouTube.

I am also writing weekly newsletters where I share:

  • YouTube algorithm secrets
  • Cheatsheets and templates to help you scale and simplify content production
  • Channel experiments, breakdowns, and case studies.
  • Creator interviews, and creator Q&As.

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YouTube Growth Resources, Templates & Cheatsheets

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