Best Cheap Camera For YouTube With a Flip Screen

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There are so many cameras suitable for making YouTube videos that you can choose from.  

One of the best categories that you should look into is cameras with flip screens. By having a screen that you can see while you talk into the camera, you can save time setting up your shots.

But there are so many out there. How do you decide which camera with a flip screen to get? And which one will suit your needs while not busting your budget?

Here is a list of the best cheap cameras for YouTube with a flip screen. Once you’re done going over this guide, you’ll know more about the benefits of flip screens and which camera is best for you. You’ll be starting your YouTuber career in no time at all with a great flip screen camera.

Sony ZV-1F - The Best Cheap Camera For YouTube With a Flip Screen

The Sony ZV-1F is an amazing camera and stands out above the rest of the devices in this list. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the others aren’t great choices. They are, and you’d be making a good investment in getting one. It just means that the Sony ZV-1F has the best price to quality ratio of them all.

You’ll learn more about the Sony ZV-1F soon, but here is a rundown of why it’s such a fantastic camera:

  • It has a 3” fully-articulating LCD display.
  • It can record in 4k resolution.
  • You can increase the frame rate to 120fps at 1080p for amazing slow motion shots.
  • It can be used as a webcam for live streaming.
  • The autofocus works really well, including for product showcasing.
  • It works well in all lighting conditions.
  • And more.

Benefits Of Having a Flip Screen

Cameras with flip screens are great for vloggers with a fast and regular schedule. You need to focus on writing, recording, and publishing great content every few days (if not every day), so you need the process to go as smoothly as possible.

This can be hard if you need to get up from your seat every few moments to make sure the shot is right. Without realizing it, you might be out of focus or even out of the shot. You don’t want to record a 10 minute video then see that half of your head is missing.

So, here are some examples of why flip screens are great for vloggers:

  • Framing
  • Exposure
  • Focus
  • Speed and efficiency

More experienced filmmakers might not have as many issues with setting up a shot. But if you’re a beginner, you’ll get great value from having a screen you can see while recording in order to get used to working with visuals.

Types Of Flip Screens

There are two types of flip screens and one more display that has the same benefits as one that flips. They are:

  • Fully-articulating
  • 180º
  • Front-facing screen

The fully-articulating screen slots into your camera. Some can face into the back of the camera if you only want to use the viewfinder. Or you can flip it so it faces backwards.

You can also flip it out to the side of the camera and position it in any direction. You can face it in the direction of the shot, so you can see it while recording from in front. You can even point it upwards or downwards, which is useful for low or high shots. You won’t need to bend or stretch to see what the camera is picking up.

A screen that only flips 180º can be positioned at the back of the camera or flip on a horizontal axis so that it appears above the body of the camera and faces forwards or on a vertical axis to show at the side of the camera.

Finally, front-facing screens are exactly what you’d expect. They are set onto the front of the camera instead of the back. They tend to be small but can show you enough of what’s being recorded so you know you’re in the shot.

Best Cheap Camera For YouTube With Flip Screen

Sony ZV-1F

Sony is a company that makes amazing cameras, and the ZV-1F is one of the best and cheapest available. Based on the ZV-1, it’s a much cheaper version with loads of great features for YouTubers. You can use it for recording video and photography, or as a webcam for live streaming.

One of its most interesting features is the defocus background button. You can quickly change the aperture so that the background is more or less in focus. The less focused it is, the more separation there will be between you and what’s behind you.

It has autofocus and face priority auto exposure. Both of these features are perfect for vloggers. And a highlight for reviews or unboxing videos is the product showcase feature. If there’s a product you want to get a close-up of, just place it near the lens. The ZV-1F will automatically focus on it, then change back to your face when you’ve moved the product away.

It can give you crisp 4k shots in bright or low light conditions. You can also have full HD slow motion footage thanks to its high frame rate of 120fps. And, of course, it has a fully-articulating flip screen so you can always see your subject clearly.


  • 3” fully-articulating screen
  • 4k resolution
  • 30fps (120fps at 1080p)
  • Product showcase autofocus
  • Directional mic
  • Live streaming feature

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 is a mirrorless camera. This means that it has the capabilities of a DSLR but in a lighter and more silent form. You still get high-resolution pictures and videos, can interchange the lenses, and can use it for studio or outdoor shots.

In terms of video recording, you get excellent 4k resolution at a standard frame rate of 30fps. If you want to shoot at a higher rate for smoother videos, you can get up to 60fps at a resolution of 1080p. Not all YouTube viewers will notice the difference between 4k and 1080p, so this is a good compromise.

Its flip screen is fully-articulating. It's a 3” touchscreen LCD display which lets you view shots and edit the settings for the best results. If you’re a reviewer or vlogger who talks straight into the camera, this is a fantastic device for you.

YouTubers will also enjoy the sharp autofocus (so you’ll never be blurred in the video), the compact size, and the external mic input. There are plenty more advantages to this camera, but even just its more basic features are reason enough to get it.


  • 3” fully-articulating screen
  • 4k resolution
  • 30fps (60fps at 1080p)
  • Works well in low light
  • Autofocus
  • Compact size

Canon EOS M200

The Canon EOS M200 is the most expensive camera on this list, but is still quite cheap considering how good it is. It comes with the same sensor and processor as some of the higher-grade Canons, so you can get the same quality but for a lower price.

The color sensitivity on the M200 is fantastic. It can make whatever you’re filming look vivid without going overboard.

It has a 180º flip screen, so you can see yourself above the body of the camera when vlogging. It’s a touchscreen, so you can easily focus on yourself with one touch. The eye tracking is amazing, so you’ll never be out of focus.

Once you’re ready to start editing, you can transfer your files with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. You won’t need to plug the camera into your computer.

It’s a great camera with the quality you’ll need for YouTube videos. The frame rate can go up to 120fps on 720p for great slow motion shots, and the highest resolution is 4k.


  • 3” 180º flip screen
  • 4k resolution
  • 24fps (120fps at 720p)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Amazing coloring

Sony CX405

Another amazing entry from Sony is the CX405. If you’re into old-fashioned cameras, this is a great choice for you. Not because it’s past its prime, but because it has a camcorder shape that you don’t see enough of anymore.

It’s perfect for your YouTube videos, as it has the recommended settings for this platform. It can record in full HD (1080p) and has a pretty high frame rate of 60fps.

It has fantastic zooming capabilities, which is common with camcorders. The optical zoom is 30x, and the clear image zoom is 60x. If you’re traveling and want to catch something off in the distance, this is the best camera for the job.

Finally, it has what you’re here for: a great flip screen. It’s fully-articulating, so you can see what’s being recorded from above, below, behind, or in front of the camera. You can move it to meet your needs on any occasion.


  • 2.7” fully-articulating flip screen
  • 1080p resolution
  • 60fps
  • Face detection
  • 30x optical zoom/ 60x clear image zoom
  • Good audio quality

GoPro Hero9

The final entry on this list doesn’t technically have a flip screen. However, it does have a front-facing screen that can be used for seeing yourself while recording. And, seeing as it’s one of the best GoPros available and has incredible specs, it had to be included on this list.

Finding a cheap camera that can record in 5k is tough, but that’s why the Hero9 had to be here. You can get stunning shots with it which are better than most DSLRs or smartphones and for a much lower price.

It has two screens: a 2.27” touchscreen on the back where you can view shots and change the camera’s settings, and a smaller viewing screen on the front which is great for vloggers. You can preview what you’re recording so you’ll never miss out on anything.

One of the best things about the Hero9 is its versatility. You can shoot 5k video at 30fps or drop down to lower resolutions like 1080p at 240fps. It can be easily mounted on different surfaces, is robust, waterproof and lightweight, and comes with its own stabilization system. You can even change between digital lenses for effects. It’s perfect for adventurers and home studio creators alike.


  • Front and rear-facing screens
  • 5k resolution
  • 30fps (up to 240fps at 1080p)
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Waterproof
  • HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization

Bottom Line

Cameras with flip screens are a great choice for YouTubers that talk directly into the camera, like reviewers, travel vloggers, makeup artists, and more. Seeing what is being recorded on the flip (or front-facing) screen can make it easier to stay in the shot and in focus.

There are many cameras with flip screens to choose from at various prices. This guide gathered five of the best and cheapest ones to make your choice easier. Although the Sony ZV-1F came out on top, all of the devices listed here are amazing and will serve you well.

So, get yourself a camera with a flip screen and dive into creating content for YouTube. You’ll quickly understand how fun and fascinating it can be, and can lead you to new passions.

Have you ever used a camera with a flip screen? Feel free to let your fellow readers know your experiences in the comments section below.


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