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When starting a vlogging or streaming channel, you might think that you need to buy a great DSLR camera that has amazing features and you can take with you anywhere.

However, there are other options which work just as well but are cheaper and more compact.

Webcams are small, easily link up with your computer, can be used for recording and streaming, and cost a lot less than a DSLR with the same range of quality.

This guide includes a list of the best webcams for YouTube vlogging and streaming.

You’ll discover why webcams are a great alternative to other types of cameras, what kind of specs you should check before buying, and the features that make these particular webcams the best on the market.

What To Look For In a Vlogging & Streaming Webcam

The features and specifications that can benefit you in a webcam will depend on if you’re vlogging, streaming, or both on YouTube and other platforms like Twitch.

Video Resolution

The minimum video resolution you should use for vlogging and streaming is 720p.

However, 1080p has become the standard and many creators are moving towards 4k as it gives the best quality.

The resolution you can use will depend heavily on your webcam’s frame rate.

Frame Rate

When it comes to streaming, the higher the frame rate, the better.

60fps is recommended, especially if your content has a lot of details in the frame or if there’s a lot of movement.

If your camera has a frame rate of 60fps, you can get away with having a resolution of 720p.

For vlogging, the frame rate should depend on the activity you’re doing.

If you have talking head-style content, 30fps at 1080p will be perfectly fine.

If you’re vlogging about quick and intense activities like home workouts, 60fps would be best.

Finally, if you’re planning on having lots of slow motion shots, 60fps is the minimum rate you’ll need.

Higher frame rates will work even better.

Autofocus and Facial Recognition

Vloggers and streamers mostly have themselves on screen, so their face needs to be focused on at most times.

Having a webcam with autofocus and facial recognition works perfectly in these situations.

No matter how much you move around, the camera should be able to follow you and keep you in focus.

Aspect Ratio

This isn’t a necessity but can be useful if you want to share content across different social media.

Having a webcam that can record and quickly convert your videos into different aspect ratios is a bonus.

16:9 is the best ratio for YouTube vlogs and streaming, while 9:16 works best for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikToks.

Built-in Audio

The best webcams come with great internal microphones and audio systems.

If you don’t want to buy a dedicated mic, you’ll need to get one of these.

The best YouTube channels include high-end audio, and you’ll need to do the same to compete.

Having said that, buying a headset with good headphones and a microphone can work best.

It will reduce the amount of background noise and remove the chance of getting echoing sound.

Capture Software

Some webcams come with capture software included when you set them up.

This allows you to record what’s going on on-screen as well as the footage from the camera itself.

You can then edit and upload the recording to different platforms.

Independent capture cards aren’t included but can make a big difference to your footage.

They tend to work better than the capture software that can come with a webcam.

Webcam vs DSLR vs Smartphone - Which Should You Pick?

You might wonder about the advantages and disadvantages to having a webcam, DSLR camera, or to just using your smartphone.

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons for each.



  • Cheaper than DSLRs
  • Integrate well with computer
  • Perfect for home studio work


  • Can only be used with a computer



  • More versatile than webcams
  • Portable
  • Accessorizable


  • Expensive



  • Portable and always with you
  • Perfect for recording and streaming
  • Integrates with social media apps


  • Most don’t have as high resolution and frame rate as webcams or DSLRs

Best Webcams For YouTube Vlogging & Streaming

Elgato Facecam

Elgato Facecam - Full-HD Webcam

  • 1080p max. resolution
  • 60fps frame rate
  • 82º FOV (field of view)
  • Plug and play
  • Great software
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Elgato is quickly becoming one of the preferred brands for streamers.

Their Facecam has all the basic features you need for creating great streaming and vlogging content.

It has a resolution of 1080p, a frame rate of 60fps, and a Sony CMOS sensor so you can get clear images no matter what.

It’s really simple to set up with a plug and play system.

It also has one of the best software of any webcam on the market today. You can easily edit certain visual parameters with some quick tweaks.

The audio isn’t the best and Elgato knows it. They are branding the Facecam towards creators who have their own audio setup.

This means that it might not be the best choice for beginners who can’t afford an external mic, but it keeps the price down.

Finally, it has an advanced heatsink system to keep the temperature down. This is perfect for gaming streamers who compete in marathon events and need to avoid having their webcam overheat.

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

  • 1080p max. resolution
  • 30fps frame rate (60fps at 720p)
  • 78º FOV
  • Fast autofocus
  • Stereo sound

Logitech is well-known as the number one webcam manufacturer around.

The C922x Pro Stream is another in a long line of great cameras that work well for both vlogging and streaming.

The 1080p resolution works best for vlogging, as you’ll have a higher-quality image with better details.

If you’re a streamer, switching to the 720p resolution is recommended as the frame rate is 60fps.

The 78º field of view is great for giving your footage some width without showing off too much of your background.

It has a fast autofocus system which is perfect if your videos have a lot of movement.

This is particularly good for reviewers who need to change to close-ups of products.

AVerMedia PW515 4K Ultra HD Autofocus Webcam

AVerMedia PW515 4K Ultra HD Autofocus Webcam

  • 4k max. resolution
  • 30fps frame rate (60fps at 1080p)
  • 100º FOV
  • Omnidirectional mics for noise reduction
  • Gesture recognition
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The AVerMedia PW515 is easily one of the best webcams out now.

It’s full of interesting features that can enhance your filmmaking, like gesture recognition that lets you set controls for when you hold your hands up in certain positions.

It has two omnidirectional mics for high-quality sound and a noise reduction system to keep your voice clear.

This is mostly aimed at conference room meetings, but it works perfectly well for streamers too.

It has a high frame rate of 60fps at 1080p, which is perfect for streaming. Or you can drop down to 30fps but with a higher resolution of 4k for vlogging. You get the best recommended conditions for either style.

To add to the qualities mentioned so far, you get auto framing and a good separation between foreground and background.

And finally, a variable field of view from 65º to 100º.

Such a wide FOV has a tendency to cause a fisheye effect, but the PW515 handles the extra width well, keeping the image rectangular.

Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

  • 4k max. resolution
  • 30fps frame rate (90fps at 720p)
  • 90º FOV
  • Great color correction
  • High-quality sound

Another fantastic entry from Logitech is the BRIO. It’s more expensive than the C922x but has a higher-quality image.

If you’re tempted by these two, these characteristics will probably be what your choice comes down to.

It has omnidirectional microphones with noise-canceling capabilities for clear sound that will hold up against some external mics.

It has the highest frame rate in HD on this list - 90fps at 720p.

You can also go for 60fps at 1080p for a better mix of resolution and rate.

These are great characteristics for streaming, while vloggers will enjoy the 4k resolution and 30fps frame rate.

The FOV is adjustable from 65º to 90º and you can record in varied lighting conditions, from low light to direct sunlight.

Insta 360 Link - PTZ 4K Webcam

  • 4k resolution
  • 30fps frame rate (60fps at 1080p)
  • 79.5º FOV
  • Gimbal and AI tracking
  • Great color correction

One of the most innovative webcams on the market is the Insta360 Link. It comes with its own built-in gimbal which can easily track your movements.

This is perfect for vloggers who have full shots of their bodies, like dancers and trainers.

It works really well in low light conditions, naturally enhances colors in a great way, and also comes with Link Controller software so you can make your own adjustments.

You can then save these settings so that the next time you want to stream or record you’ll have the perfect setup.

It’s well-designed, with a sleek build and noise-canceling microphones.

You get less background and room noise, so you can set up anywhere and not have to worry about audio quality.

All of this adds up to one of the most expensive webcams available, but also one of the best.

Bottom Line

Buying a webcam is the best option for certain types of streamers and vloggers.

Gamers, reviewers, dancers, trainers, and more can benefit from the lower price and quick computer integration.

You can still get the video resolution and frame rate necessary without needing to invest in a larger and more expensive DSLR camera.

If you’re not planning on making videos outside of your home studio, this makes perfect sense.

The webcams listed above come in a variety of designs and prices, but they all include the basics you need for both streaming and vlogging: HD image quality and high frame rate.

So, no matter which one you choose, you know you’ll get a great product that will serve you well.

Do you use a webcam for vlogging or streaming? If so, which one suits your needs best?

Let your fellow readers know in the comments below.


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