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Finding a great video editor can be tough.

There are so many options, from free to paid software, cheap to expensive, simple to complicated.

You can even choose between programs you install on your computer and ones you access through the web.

These online editors are becoming more common as users of different kinds want to quickly edit videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more without needing to commit to one software or to wait for one to install.

If you’re not aware of the best online video editors for YouTube and other social media platforms, here is a list that takes note of each one and their advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re not convinced about this type of software, there are even some reasons why they are a good match for downloadable versions.

Reasons To Choose An Online Video Editor

Choosing between online and downloadable video editing software can create an interesting discussion.

Here are some reasons why going for an online editor can be better:

  • They work on all operating systems
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Cloud storage

Operating Systems

Not all software is created for different operating systems.

Apple’s iMovie won’t run on a Windows computer, and Windows Video Editor won’t run on a Mac.

These are just two programs on two operating systems. There are plenty more to choose from.

Online video editors are programmed to work on a browser, so can be used on different operating systems.

This is useful for anyone who uses different systems for different projects and collaborations.


Many online video editors are free to use or include costs for certain advanced features.

This gives users on a budget a lot more options, as downloadable software tends to have a higher cost.

Cloud Storage

Online video editors are connected to the cloud to function.

Your video will already be saved to the platform’s storage, so you won’t be taking up large amounts of space on your computer until you’re ready to download your finished product.

Seeing as videos take up a lot of space, this is a big advantage.

Here Are The Best Online Video Editors For YouTube

There is something for everyone in this list of great online video editors.

All of them have free versions and varied pricing plans.

Some are easy to use with basic features while others require a deeper understanding of video editing and are full of interesting features.  

Read on to discover the biggest pros and cons of each one. is an online editor with a variety of pricing plans to give you all the features you need, from basic to advanced, without needing to overspend.

You get access to essential video editing tools that allow you to trim, rotate, merge multiple clips, and loads more.

Once you’re more comfortable with the platform, you can start incorporating more advanced techniques like adding your own watermark to your videos, removing background images, and speeding up and slowing down footage.

You can even make GIFs and memes.

One of the best features is the resizer. No matter what social media platform you share your content on, you can quickly resize your videos for each one.

If you’re a YouTube Creator, you can easily work on standard videos and Shorts without much drama.

Another asset for YouTubers is the possibility to livestream using All you need to do is:

  • Connect your YouTube channel to
  • Create an event.
  • Customize your scenes.
  • Invite viewers.
  • Start streaming!

If you’re interested in, signing up for one of the paid plans really is best, as the free version is fairly limited.

Videos are limited to 15 minutes and will have a prominent watermark.

Having said that, even the Business version only allows for an hour of video at a time. If you’re planning on creating anything longer, won’t work for you.

If you’re focusing on shorter YouTube content, the time limit might not be an issue, and the other features can be well worth it.

For example, you have access to 2,000,000 templates and pieces of stock images and footage with the two more basic plans, and up to 200 million with the more advanced ones.

Once your video is ready, you can directly share it to YouTube and other platforms or download it as a HD mp4 that you can upload manually later on.


  • Free
  • Streamer - $20/month
  • Creator - $30/month
  • Business - $60/month
  • Extra offers when you sign up for an annual subscription


  • Vast number of templates
  • Large stock footage library
  • YouTube thumbnail creator
  • Many shot layout options
  • Share directly to YouTube and more


  • Can be slow and prone to crash
  • Limited color and text options
  • Top version (Business) only allows for 60 minutes of footage

Adobe Express

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) isn’t just an online video editor, but an image editor too.

This makes it a great tool for YouTubers who want to create videos and striking thumbnails and other images to go along with them.

There is an extensive stock library and thousands of font styles to choose from.

You even get access to royalty-free websites for music and images without needing to leave the platform.

Adobe is world-famous for their incredible graphic tools. And while Express doesn’t have the advanced features of Premiere Pro, it is incredibly easy to use.

By expanding to simple online tools, they can reach a whole new community of content creators who want to quickly pick up editing skills.

One of its best features is sadly lacking YouTube integration though.

The social media scheduler connects your accounts across different platforms and lets you publish at exactly the right time without you needing to be available. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more are included, but not YouTube.

The basic features are reflected in Adobe Express’ price.

There is a free version that gives you access to 2GB of cloud storage, basic editing tools, many of the stock assets, and more.

The Premium plan gives you more of everything, including up to 100GB of storage.

It’s cheaper than lots of other online editors, but is stripped back to the essentials.

If you’re getting started with video editing or need a broader collection of tools, it’s a great choice.

The price is relatively low and you can build your brand with images and social media posts as well as videos.


  • Free
  • $9.99/month
  • Extra offers when you sign up for an annual subscription


  • Video AND image editor
  • Easy to use
  • Social media scheduling service
  • Over 20,000 font styles
  • Stock library and access to royalty-free websites within program


  • Social media scheduling doesn’t work for YouTube
  • Some users complain of poor rendering quality


InVideo is a choice mostly aimed at beginners.

It has basic features that are easy to use and a huge array of tutorials on the website to help you begin.

You can choose from over 5,000 templates on the free plan, and premium templates on the paid plans.

The media libraries available are also extensive and you can access them in different ways depending on your plan.

Free users can use stock photos with a watermark, while Business and Unlimited users get various levels of watermark-free content.

The support staff is available 24/7 to help you with any inquiry, which is a great addition to online software.

The cloud storage is limited but can work out well on the Unlimited plan.

You’ll have 100GB of space for storing your projects without needing to resort to extra payments on other platforms.

InVideo has some issues compared to other platforms though.

Its biggest let-down is the fact that users on the free plan can’t export videos. You would need to upgrade to a paid plan, the cheapest of which is $30 per month.

And even at this level, you’re limited to 60 HD downloads a month.

Despite its faults, using InVideo is a good way to start editing videos, even just as a hobby.

You can take advantage of the tutorials and chat support to hone your skills, but will need to invest when you’re ready to share your content on YouTube.


  • Free
  • Business - $30/month
  • Unlimited - $60/month
  • Extra offers when you sign up for an annual subscription or Lifetime Business Plan


  • Lots of templates
  • Good stock library
  • 24/7 support, including for free users
  • Extensive tutorials for beginners
  • Easy to use, but with plenty of advanced features for veteran editors


  • High price compared to other services
  • Free version watermarks your videos
  • No exports for free version


VEED is one of the most expensive online video editors, but also one of the most complete.

There are four pricing plans which all offer high-definition video, from 720p to 4k.

Storage goes from two to 200GB, and upload sizes are unlimited on all plans except the free one (up to 250MB).

Advanced features include automatic subtitling and subtitle translation, engagement analytics, and interactive video links, buttons, and calls to action (CTA).

You can even edit green screen backgrounds, record your own screen, and use it for live streams.

The free version is obviously limited, but stands up to other online editors easily.

Exports are watermarked and limited to 10 minutes but are available in HD.

One area in which VEED falls behind its competitors is templates and libraries. Some online editors have extensive stock content that you can use freely, including music, which VEED doesn’t have.

For YouTubers, there are several features which can make your workflow easier.

You can create a brand kit by importing visuals and choosing colors that represent your channel. This kit will make it easier for you to add components to each of your videos that make you recognisable.

There are also export presets so that you can choose the best settings for YouTube (and other platforms) with one click.

You do have the choice to manually edit settings like resolution and frame rate, but the preset will select the best ones depending on what you’re going for.


  • Free
  • Basic - $25/month
  • Pro - $38/month
  • Business - $70/month
  • Extra offers when you sign up for an annual subscription


  • Easy to add subtitles
  • YouTube export presets available
  • Low processing power needed
  • Green screen editing
  • Simple to remove background noise


  • No music library
  • Free version is quite limited
  • No animations


Kapwing is a great choice for both individuals and teams.

Users don’t even need to sign up to use the free version. It is quite basic, but can work perfectly for creators who are just starting their journey with video editing.

You can get high-quality videos (720p) of up to 7 minutes, but which have a watermark.

Upgrading to the first paid plan (Basic) gives you most of the same features as the free plan, but without the watermark on videos under 30 seconds.

Both plans are limited to three hours of content a month, which doesn’t seem like much but works out at about six minutes of footage a day.

The Pro and Team plans cost quite a bit more than the Basic, but are far more advanced. Downloads are set to 1080p, you get unlimited cloud storage, and videos can be up to two hours long.

You also get unlimited access to Kapwing’s vast stock library of videos, images, GIFs, and audio. Everything you need for professional content creation.

Advanced features include background removers, video transcripts, splits at scene changes, and automatic subtitling.

It’s both basic and advanced at the same time, with easy-to-use tools that can help you create pro content quickly.

What’s lacking is on-screen tutorials for helping out beginners. Not all features have obvious workflows and some can be tough to find. Of course, you can resort to YouTube tutorials, but quick tips are always useful in the platform when you’re getting started.

Where Kapwing triumphs over other online editors is with its real-time collaboration.

Multiple users can access the same project at the same time and make changes together.

So, if your YouTube channel is a team effort, this platform might be the best choice for you.


  • Free
  • Basic - $10/month
  • Pro - $24/month
  • Team - $24/month
  • Extra offers when you sign up for an annual subscription


  • Quick to use
  • No sign-up needed
  • Has advanced tools like subtitles and auto-translate
  • Option for team pricing
  • Possibility to make videos up to 2 hours long


  • Lack of on-screen tutorial messages
  • Some features can be hard to understand
  • Can be glitchy

Bottom Line

There are plenty of great online video editors for YouTube out there.

Choosing between them can be tough as each one has different features, pricing plans, and necessary skill levels.

The five editors included in this guide all have advantages and disadvantages, but by studying them you can figure out what’s best for you.

If you’re looking for a simple editor, InVideo might be the best choice. If you want advanced features and have a large budget, VEED is the way to go.

You will be able to use all of these online video editors on (almost) any operating system wherever you are in the world. And, no matter which you choose, you will be able to create high-quality content that is perfect for YouTube.

Do you prefer online or offline editors? Which online video editor(s) do you use? Feel free to share your preferences with other readers in the comments section.


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