Best Star Wars YouTube Channels

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Best Star Wars YouTube Channels

Star Wars fans, it's time to get excited.

There are still many questions about what happened in that galaxy far, far away and how things got there.

Luckily for us all (Star Wars nerds or not), there are lots of people who love Star Wars as much as we do and want to help us understand what happened before we begin our journey again and again with Rey and Finn on Jakku.

Due to the size of the Star Wars universe, there are numerous YouTube channels devoted to it.

These channels cover a wide range of topics, so you can learn something new about this world.

Of course, considering the abundance of Star Wars-related videos, there are some channels that will fall short of your expectations.

Here are 10 of our favorite YouTube channels that cover everything from background information on canon characters to theories about what might happen next in this beloved universe!

Top 10 Star Wars YouTube Channels

Our top 10 Star Wars YouTube Channels contain great sources of information and entertainment, providing various perspectives on the Star Wars universe. And let’s not forget that they're all entertaining and fun!

Star Wars HQ

Star Wars HQ is a YouTube channel that's all about Star Wars - as you've probably already guessed.

They have a lot of videos, and they are all full of information about the galaxy far, far away that we all fall in love with.

They have videos on the lore of the Star Wars universe, they also have a lot of videos on the new movies, and they even have some great videos on the history of the Star Wars universe.

If you want to learn more about this amazing universe, this is definitely one of your best bets!


Nerdist is a YouTube channel that has a lot of videos about Star Wars but also covers a lot of other geeky topics like movies and TV shows.

They also have a podcast with Chris Hardwick and are always creating content about comics and books.

So, if you are in the game for all things labelled as things for nerds - like us, we are not here to judge - then you should take a look at the Nerdist channel.

WhatCulture Star Wars

Star Wars Culture is a YouTube channel that focuses exclusively on the Star Wars universe.

The channel has regular updates about Star Wars news and events, like the Episode IX trailer, or J.J. Abrams' new show The Mandalorian.

It also has videos about the history of Star Wars, including its prequels and the original trilogy.

Imperials Explained Star Wars

This channel delves into all things Imperial, from the history and structure of the Empire all the way down to individual characters, ships and weapons.

The creator is a big fan of how there are so many different types of star wars stuff out there that was never really explained in detail on-screen or with movie merchandise.

He hopes to help fans understand what has been hinted at over time as well as give them some new information about things they may not have known before.

This channel covers everything from character traits and weapons to ships and locations within each galaxy quadrant (and beyond).

He also has written articles explaining various aspects of the Star Wars universe including an explanation for why there are only 12 clone soldiers per battalion instead of 15-20 like most other armies’ infantry divisions would have been made up back then.

The Stupendous Wave

The Stupendous Wave is a great channel for Star Wars fans. They do a lot of videos on the history of star wars and the lore of star wars, as well as some awesome videos on all the current films, like Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Last Jedi.

The host, James Baney, has extensive knowledge of both the movies and their source material (the extended universe).

He also has an amazing voice—his enthusiasm really shines through in his videos!

Leia's Lair: A Star Wars Channel

Leia's Lair is a YouTube channel run by the same person who runs Imperials Explained, another popular Star Wars channel that we've discussed here.

Leia's Lair has a lot of great content about the original trilogy, including podcasts and interviews with people who worked on the films.

The videos are short and easy to enjoy even if you don't know much about Star Wars or aren't that interested in it.

There are also two shows on this channel: "What Is This?" and "Leia's Lair News."

The first is about topics like what happened to Darth Vader after Return of the Jedi, while the second covers news from around the galaxy that might interest Leia herself.

The Lore Master

The Lore Master is another channel that has a lot of information about the Star Wars universe.

The video content is very informative, with many videos detailing the history of the Star Wars universe and how it relates to the new movies.

If you're interested in learning more about certain aspects of Star Wars, such as its characters or locations, check out this channel.

Star Wars Theory

Star Wars Theory is a YouTube channel that covers a variety of topics related to the Star Wars franchise.

The channel was created in 2014 and has over 1.4 million subscribers as of this writing.

Star Wars Theory covers everything from theories about the Star Wars universe and its characters to reviews for new movies and books, to the analysis of fan theories that have been put out there by other channels.

The channel has been recognized by major sites like The Huffington Post.

Star Wars Explained

Star Wars Explained is a YouTube channel that provides a deep dive into the Star Wars universe.

The channel uses official film and television footage, as well as interviews with the cast, to create a comprehensive look at the story of Star Wars.

The channel is run by two guys: Rob and Jason.

They discuss all of the movies, from episode 1 to episode 9, as well as some spin-offs and other media in the Star Wars universe.

They also do a series called "The Prequels Strike Back," where they take a closer look at some of the worst decisions made during the production of those movies.

Bottom Line

Star Wars created a galaxy that exceeds our imagination capacity.

Even if you saw the movies repeatedly, you might have missed some of the unsolved questions and riddles.

Due to its size, the universe managed to inspire a genuine frenzy, leading to the development of a fan market.

There are a lot of YouTube channels devoted to the Star Wars world, which is not unexpected.

So, we hope that our list of the top 10 Star Wars YouTube channels will help you satisfy your hunger for knowledge about these films.


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