Buying And Selling YouTube Channels: How, Where, Tips, and FAQs

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Starting and building a YouTube channel can be rewarding, but you'll agree it takes time and effort.

You launch your YouTube channel and you’re excited and pumped for the first few weeks, maybe months.

Next thing you know, you're feeling highly unmotivated with a growing realization that building an audience on YouTube is no easy task.

It's an all-too-familiar story.

Now, picture what it would be like to start putting out content on an already-established YouTube channel. One with a clearly defined audience base and a considerable number of views.

The great news is that you can make this a reality by buying a monetized YouTube channel. That's right. You get to skip the hard work of building an audience and go straight to getting returns on your videos from day one.

Sounds good? In this guide, I'll share tips to ensure you don't get scammed and get a good deal when buying or selling a YouTube channel.

But before we go any further, what are the pros and cons to consider when buying and selling YouTube channels?

Pros and Cons of Buying and Selling YouTube Channels

Buying a YouTube channel has a ton of benefits. One of them is that it saves you time to build a channel from scratch with consistent content uploads.

Selling a YouTube channel, on the other hand, has its own set of benefits for the seller. For example, a YouTuber may sell their channel to raise funds to meet a financial obligation.

Nothing beats starting your own YouTube channel, but buying one can seem like a pretty tempting shortcut.

So, is it really worth buying or selling a YouTube channel? A look at the major advantages and disadvantages will help you decide.

Let's dive in.

Pros of Buying and Selling YouTube Channels

  • You can start monetizing videos right away rather than waiting to hit the standard YouTube monetization benchmark.
  • You will have a dedicated subscriber base. So, you can pick up where the original creator left off without having to spend years creating videos that no one will watch.
  • You can earn residual income from the videos already posted on the channel by the original owner.
  • It saves you the stress and time required to create and grow your own YouTube channel from scratch.
  • As a seller, it gives you the time you need to focus on other things, especially when you no longer have time to create for the channel.

Cons of Buying and Selling YouTube Channels

  • Struggling to connect with the audience base on a personal level. This particularly happens when you buy a channel that is not in your niche.
  • Trying to maintain the same quality of content as the original owner which can make you lose your uniqueness in the process.
  • Struggling to keep the same upload schedule, style, and quality. Though you are not required to tailor your content like the previous owner, you may lose your audience if they notice a change in the channel's content.
  • Switching to an entirely new niche might be difficult. The audience who subscribed to the channel did so because of the niche. So changing it can cause them to lose interest.

How To Buy a YouTube Channel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buying a YouTube channel is a seamless process when done the right way.

It saves you the initial stress of building a channel from scratch, including garnering views and gaining subscribers.

You can follow these quick and easy steps to buy a YouTube channel.

1. Find the Channel

This involves deciding on the channel you want to buy, ensuring its legitimacy, and evaluating its benefits to you in the long run.

You can find a channel by looking out for channel owners willing to sell or visiting broker sites to see what YouTube channels are up for sale.

2. Contact the Channel Owner

If you're buying a YouTube channel without the services of a broker, you will have to contact the seller directly and negotiate your price for the channel.

But with the help of a broker, the entire purchase process is done for you. However, you should keep in mind that the broker will charge a fee for the transaction.

3. Bid and Pay for the Channel

Once the seller approves your bid for the channel, you then pay through a secure means. YouTubers who have gone through this process prefer to use an escrow service as a third-party verifier.

This escrow service will secure your transactions, protecting both the buyer and seller. Fameswap and are two of the most well-known sites that provide a secure escrow service.

Once the transaction goes through, the seller gives you access to the channel.

Before acquiring the channel, do the necessary paperwork to establish yourself as the new owner.

After buying the channel, you should change all your passwords and monetization rights.

This includes creating an AdSense account and then connecting this channel to that account.

Factors That Determine the Cost of a YouTube Channel

The truth is, some channels will always be worth more than others. The reason is simple: The value of a channel determines the price put on it.

Below, we’ve put together some of the important factors that determine the cost of a YouTube channel. Feel free to dig in.

1. Number of Subscribers

The value of a channel is directly proportional to its cost. Needless to say, a channel with one million subscribers would cost more than one with 20,000 subscribers.

This is because the earning potential of a channel increases with its number of subscribers, resulting in a higher purchase cost.

2. Channel Monetization

Channel monetization refers to a channel's eligibility and ability to make money from YouTube.

The YouTube Partner Program lets channel owners generate monthly income from channel memberships and ad promotions. For this reason, monetized channels are more profitable and expensive.

3. Monthly Revenue of the Channel

More often than not, the niche of a channel affects its monthly revenue.

For example, an insurance channel will likely generate more revenue than a gaming channel. This is because the insurance niche is more profitable with a higher CPM.

Keeping this in mind, YouTube channels typically sell for 36 times their monthly revenue.

For instance, let's say a channel generates $300 in revenue per month. The YouTube channel will cost around $10,800.

Similarly, a channel that makes $150 per month will cost around $5,400.

So, the higher the channel’s monthly revenue, the higher the purchase cost.

4. The Age of the Channel

Usually, older channels tend to cost more because they are likelier to have an established audience base and viewership.

However, this doesn't always guarantee a regular audience after selling the channel.

This especially holds true if the new content uploaded doesn't resonate with the existing audience.

5. The Face of the Channel

Sometimes, the success of a pre-existing YouTube channel is highly dependent on the face or personality associated with it.

Hence, garnering views without the influence of that personality might be tricky after purchase.

It's even trickier if the new content doesn't match the audience's taste.

6. Number of Video Content

The number of video content a channel has increases the earning potential of that channel.

This is because it is possible to make money on existing videos posted on a channel, provided that viewers are still watching them.

Therefore, a YouTube channel with fifty quality videos may be worth more than a channel with twenty videos.

How To Sell a YouTube Channel

There is no legal barrier to selling a YouTube channel, and there are numerous verified brokers to help facilitate the process.

To sell a YouTube channel, you can request the services of a team of verified sellers.

Another method is to announce your sale to potential buyers or on social media platforms and sell to the highest bidder.

Once you've sold your channel, you’ll need to transfer your account to the new channel owner.

4 Reputable Sites Where You Can Buy and Sell YouTube Channels

Now that you know what determines a channel’s worth, let's take a look at some reputable sites where you can buy and sell YouTube channels.

1. EasyViral

EasyViral takes pride in being one of the best places to buy monetized YouTube channels at a reasonable price.

However, an already-enabled monetization feature isn't the only advantage of using EasyViral. Aside from that, when you purchase a YouTube channel, you receive a free AdSense account.

Other features include AdSense changing support and a free premium logo and banner design.

Another plus for EasyViral is that their channels are safe and are usually free from copyright claims and community strikes.

2. Fameswap

Fameswap is an online marketplace for buying and selling YouTube channels. This site offers access to reputable channels in various niches.

With Fameswap, the transaction process is fast, easy, and reliable. First, the seller lists their YouTube account with a price as a starting point for negotiation.

The buyer then communicates with the seller via a secure messaging platform to learn more about the channel for sale. After this, the buyer makes an offer for the channel at the price they are willing to pay.

When the seller accepts the offer, the payment transaction is completed via Escrow to ensure a secure account transfer.

3. LenosTube

An excellent feature of LenosTube is that it allows buyers to purchase YouTube channels in their preferred or desired niches.

What's more?

All the channels on their site are monetized, and buyers get four new videos they can upload on the channel upon purchase.

However, LenosTube adds something extra to their package. It offers you two different types of monetized YouTube channels.

So the first package is a monetization-ready channel with a generic niche. The second package, however, is a fully custom monetization channel. Here, you get to choose the channel's name and particular niche.

4. Trustiu

Trustiu is known for dealing with top-rated YouTube channels in good standing. Hence, their prices are higher.

This platform lets buyers see a YouTube channel's niche and monthly revenue before purchasing.

They also offer channels for sale in various languages, catering to a wide range of interests and needs.

Nifty Tips For Buying and Selling YouTube Channels

We've highlighted some helpful tips to ensure a seamless process of buying and selling YouTube channels. They include the following:

  1. Ensure that the YouTube channel has no existing copyright strike from YouTube.
  2. Monetized YouTube channels are more profitable, so opt for them if you're looking to earn some money.
  3. Go for high-quality YouTube channels within your budget.


Although buying and selling YouTube channels is legal, YouTube doesn't aid in the transaction.

So, if you run into issues while buying or selling a channel, YouTube support won't be able to help.

After reading this guide, you should know the factors to consider before giving up your money to purchase a YouTube channel.

Still, if you need help deciding on a fair price for your channel, you can request the services of sites that offer free valuation tools.

This will help you decide on a reasonable price for your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Buying a YouTube Channel Illegal?

No, it is not. It's legal to buy a YouTube channel, and you can contact the seller privately or request the services of a reputable broker.

At What Price Can I Sell a YouTube Channel?

Generally, how much your channel is worth determines the price. However, verified sellers say you can sell a YouTube channel for around 36 times its monthly revenue.

Can I Transfer Ownership of a Youtube Channel?

Yes, you can. To do this, log in to your account on YouTube and locate the permissions settings. Next, select Primary Owner and click on Transfer next to the person’s or company’s name.

Can I Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can buy a monetized YouTube channel. A YouTube channel needs at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to become monetized.

So, if you're in a hurry to gain 4000 watch hours on YouTube, you can easily buy an already-monetized channel.

Although they are more expensive than non-monetized channels, they are usually more profitable.


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