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How To Make a Community Post on YouTube

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Videos have long been the only way to post content on YouTube.

Once you had uploaded a video, you could interact with your fans through comments and see how many likes and subscribers you had.

But now, you can reach out more quickly and easily using YouTube community posts.

Community posts let you interact directly with fans without videos.

You can write down your thoughts, ask questions with a poll, or share content in other ways like images and GIFs.

This way, you can create a stronger community that will keep coming back to your content as much as possible.

If you want to make community posts but aren’t sure how, this guide is going to help.

You’ll learn what steps you’ll need to take, what type of content you can post, some of the benefits of interacting with your community, and more.

Once you create your first community post, your channel can grow even larger.

What Is a YouTube Community Post?

Community posts on YouTube are like posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media.

They appear on your “wall” or Community tab and can be used to interact with your viewers. You can post:

  • Text
  • Images (up to five at a time)
  • GIFs (up to five at a time)
  • Polls (with up to five options)
  • Image polls (with up to four options and images)

Anyone who opens your channel’s community tab can then like and comment on your posts and answer your polls.

The more interactions you have, the more you can build a strong community.

Benefits Of Using Community Posts

The Community tab of your channel can seem pointless when you’re creating great content that viewers are already engaging with.

However, you can always bring your community together by posting content more often that doesn’t take up as much time as making a full video.

Keep these ideas in mind when creating a community post:

  • You can build a personal connection with your viewers.
  • You can notify your subscribers of new content or updates on other channels they might not be subscribed to. They can be your other channels or ones that belong to YouTubers you collaborate with or admire.
  • Get feedback on your content. You can get an idea of how viewers enjoy your videos through the comments section, but you can get more specific with a poll or direct question regarding what you’ve been sharing.

How To Make a Community Post on YouTube

When you know what you want to share, you can follow these simple steps to create a community post on your computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad:


On the homepage or any other YouTube page:

  • Click the Create button [Image/Character - YouTube create button].
  • Select Create Post.
  • Write your message or choose to add an image, GIF, video, or poll.
  • Press Post.

On your Community tab:

  • Go to Your Channel.
  • Open the Community tab (between Playlists and Channels).
  • Write your message or choose to add an image, GIF, video, or poll.
  • Press Post.

If you want to schedule the time the post is shared, you’ll need to click on the Options symbol (⋮), then select Schedule post.

Android, iPhone, or iPad

On your app’s homepage:

  • Press Create [Image - Create button from app].
  • Select Create a post.
  • Choose between Text poll, Image poll, and Text, or select an image from your device’s gallery.
  • If you choose an image, you can make changes to it, like adding a filter, writing text on it, or using a sticker.
  • Write a message if you want.
  • Click Post.

On your Community tab:

  • Go to Your Channel.
  • Open the Community tab (between Playlists and Channels).
  • Write text, or add an image, GIF, or poll.
  • Press Post.

To schedule a post, follow the same steps, then click the 🕓 icon. Choose the Scheduled date, Scheduled time, and Time zone, then press Done.

How To Share a Video on a Community Post

There are several ways to share a video on a community post. Using either the Create Post or Community tab on your computer, you can do this:

  • Select Video (Add an existing YouTube video).
  • Use the search engine, paste a URL, or select one of Your YouTube Videos.
  • Press Select.
  • Fill in any other information you want then hit Post or Schedule post.

You can only share videos that are already on YouTube. You can’t upload one directly to the post from your gallery.

The other way is to use the Share button on the video’s page. This is the only way to share videos on posts on mobile devices.

  • Open the video you want to share on a post.
  • Press the Share button.
  • Select Create Post.
  • Add text if you want, then hit Post.

You can also share videos from the home or search pages by selecting the options button (⋮), pressing Share, then Create Post.

How To Check Your Post Metrics

You can get all the info you want from your posts by following these steps:

  • Open YouTube Studio.
  • Click Content in the left side panel.
  • Select the Posts tab between Live and Playlists.

Here you can see the Type, Visibility, Date, Comments, Likes, and Votes for each post. You can filter by type and visibility.

You can understand how well your posts are received using these metrics. This can guide you to make more similar posts which your subscribers will enjoy.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible for Community Posts?

YouTube users with at least 500 subscribers or who have engaged advanced features are eligible for community posts.

Once you reach 500 subs, it will take around a week to confirm your account for the community tab.

If you want to engage advanced features before hitting the subscriber threshold, you’ll need to:

  • Have sufficient channel history.
  • Verify your identity with a valid ID or through video verification.

Are my subscribers notified when I create a community post?

Subscribers who enable All Notifications will be told when you post on your community wall. In case you have a subscriber who isn’t getting notifications, let them know that they should check their notification type on your channel.

Bottom Line

Community posts are a fantastic way to interact with your audience using content other than your videos.

You can get to know viewers better and see what they enjoy and want to see more of from you.

They’re so easy to create using the Create button or by going to the Community tab on your channel.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

You can post images, GIFs, polls, or even just text and see how your viewers respond.

Have you used community posts before? What kind of content do you like to share? You can share your ideas in the comments below.


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