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YouTube’s Most Replayed Feature: How to Take Advantage of It

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Thousands of content creators upload videos of varying lengths to YouTube daily.

As the YouTube space gets more competitive, creators constantly search for ways to direct traffic to their channels.

To remain a cut above the rest, the best content creators strive to take full advantage of YouTube's ever-emerging features.

The recently added "Most Replayed" feature on YouTube provides a nifty way to bolster content creation efforts.

This feature allows creators to see the segments of their video content that viewers find engaging.

In addition, this feature allows creators to streamline their content creation efforts to videos that resonate with their audience, thus increasing reach and engagement.

With the help of this YouTube tool, tracking viewer interest in every uploaded video is simpler. Interested? Let’s find out how it works!

What is YouTube's Most Replayed Feature?

Introduced in 2022, YouTube's most replayed feature is an initiative that allows creators and viewers to view the most replayed parts of a video.

This function was initially restricted to YouTube Premium subscribers for testing purposes. However, customer feedback led YouTube to make this feature available across all platforms in May 2022. Now, free and premium users can access this feature.

Additionally, it is accessible across all platforms, including the web-based app, iOS, and Android.

The most replayed feature allows users to search through any YouTube video to locate the segments which appeal to viewers.

This is especially useful for long-form content or those not segmented using timestamps or chapters.

What Exactly Does the Most Replayed Feature Do?

The "Most Replayed" feature displays to creators the sections of a YouTube video that have generated the most interaction and interest from viewers.

After identifying the popular segments of a video, finding out why they are popular comes next.

As a creator, you need to find out what compelled people to revisit those clips and then build on it. You can then use this data to create new engaging content based on the most replayed segments of the existing videos you have observed.

This can go a long way toward increasing your subscribers, viewers, and overall engagement.

How Do I Access YouTube's "Most Replayed" Feature?

Unlike all other YouTube metrics, the Most Replayed YouTube feature is not visible in your channel's analytics dashboard.

Instead, this new feature is available in the video player, making it easily accessible to all users.

The most replayed feature on YouTube is the gray bar above the video progress bar. This gray graph indicates the part of the video the viewers replayed the most.

The graph's peak point shows the section of the video viewers replayed the most. Conversely, the graph's lowest point depicts the section of the video with the least replays.

This feature works on all videos on YouTube, including those segmented into chapters.

How to Take Advantage of YouTube's Most Replayed Feature

To take advantage of this feature, first, note what happens when you get to the most replayed part of the video. If you’re paying close attention, you'll notice three things:

  • The exact time the video peaked.
  • A tag that indicates its most replayed part.
  • A thumbnail of the most played segment.

As a creator, you can carefully examine this most replayed video segment to figure out what attracts viewers' attention to that part of the video.

Also, if you decide to create a YouTube channel with content in a particular niche, it's best to watch the most replayed parts of the videos posted by other channels in that niche.

Doing this would bolster your creativity on what type of video content will keep your viewers and subscribers glued to your channel.

However, ensure the video snippets you're paying attention to are not controversial or confusing. Aim for engaging and relatable content, and you'll keep viewers coming back for more.

Will the Most Replayed Feature Affect the Watch Time of Videos?

Many creators have expressed concern about the watch time of their videos being affected since the introduction of this feature.

Their primary concern is whether viewers will keep watching if they already know the best part of the video.

According to YouTube Marketing with tubics, the results from YouTube’s experiment with premium users showed valuable insights. It confirmed that the feature had no statistically significant effect on how long people watched.

Consequently, content producers can relax knowing that their videos' watch times won't be impacted in any way.


If you want to stand out in your niche as a video content creator, Youtube's most replayed feature is an excellent resource for you.

By understanding what parts of your videos resonate with your audience, you can improve your content strategy and create more captivating content. This will keep your audience coming back for more.

My advice?

Explore this new tool and leverage it to take your YouTube channel to the next level. Fingers crossed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Turn Off YouTube's Most Replayed Feature?

You can't turn off the most replayed feature on YouTube, as the app has no setting that controls this.

Why Is the Most Replayed Feature Not on Every Video?

The amount of data on a YouTube video will determine if the video would have the most replayed feature enabled.

A video that has generated hundreds or thousands of views will automatically have the most replayed feature, while a video with only ten to twenty views won't. Only the progress bar will be displayed in such a video.


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