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Best Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas

Vukasin Ilic 10 min read
Best Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube has millions of videos and channels by creators who are comfortable putting themselves in front of the camera.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to present content and get views.

Faceless channels are becoming more and more common with creators who don’t want to put their faces out there but still want to create great content.

Not all channels function as well with a faceless aesthetic as they do with a person talking directly into the camera, but the opposite is also true.

Some videos work perfectly with just a voiceover, or even with no talking, just music, and sound effects.

So, if you feel that this sort of content would be best for you, here are the best faceless YouTube channel ideas.

You’ll finish this guide with a clearer idea of what kind of channel you can create, what sort of content you can add to it, and some advantages to these kinds of videos.


Gaming channels generate millions of views and subscribers without ever showing the faces of the people who create them.

Gamers can stream or record their experiences by using YouTube Live or by uploading previously recorded videos in the usual way.

Lots of gamers enjoy watching other people play, but not in order to see the actual player.

They want to see how other players react to the storyline or tasks and to pick up tips along the way.

This is why it’s a fantastic choice for a faceless channel.

You can just play the game without any other embellishments, or you can do a voiceover for an extra personal spin.

Gaming channels are very popular nowadays, with lots of users searching for the next big creator.

This can make it both easier and harder to break through to the forefront.

You will need to find a specific niche and make your videos very engaging to compete with others. If you can achieve that, your channel can become very popular and earn you money.

Before you start a gaming channel, keep in mind that:

  • Gaming is considered one of the lowest RPM niches - advertisers are not racing to sponsor gaming videos, and you are going to need a lot more views to make a decent income.
  • It's hard to find an edge - almost anyone can fire up a screen recorder and play a game. It's fun, it's easy and a dream come true for many. Most people who succeed in this niche are the ones who can put a good spin on it or are very enjoyable and fun to watch.


Cooking is a skill that so many people need to learn, but don’t have the time or enthusiasm for.

Food channels on YouTube can share ideas in an engaging way on quick meals, foreign cuisine, or intrinsic baking techniques without ever showing the face of the cook.

If you enjoy cooking and sharing your recipes, you can easily make videos that present your ideas using just visuals of the ingredients and techniques you use.

You can do a voiceover or use short written sentences to get the steps across.

If you do opt for no speech in the videos, make sure to use some background music to keep viewers entertained.

In the example we embedded above, you will see a channel with nearly 4 million subscribers at the moment. The channel has multiple videos with 10 million views, and the girl making the videos never showed her face or even talked.


One form of content that doesn’t require a view of your body but does require at least one voice is the podcast.

You can pick any topic to talk about and have guests or speak by yourself.

Just make sure that you present your enthusiasm on the subject so that your listeners will want to come back for more.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to audio streaming services like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

YouTube has podcasts of all kinds.

If you don’t record any visuals of you and your guests though, make sure to add some simple visuals like graphs and images.

They can back up what you are talking about.

Some viewers may decide to ignore them and listen to your podcast in their car or with their phone screen locked, but it’s better to have them than to not.

Time Lapses

If you have the gear and patience necessary for making time-lapse videos, you can create a YouTube channel to show off your results.

You won’t need to interact with your audience through the video at all as they will be transfixed by what is happening on screen as time goes on.

Common time lapses include the visuals of the night sky, traffic in a city, food disintegrating, how creatures and plants interact with their surroundings, and plenty more.

If you can think of something fascinating that happens slowly over time, making a time-lapse can earn you lots of views.

As always, add some music or sound effects that heighten the experience and boost your viewership.

Relaxing Music

So many people search YouTube for music that is easy to listen to while working and studying, or even for falling asleep to.

This makes channels that compile mixes of instrumental music and lo-fi beats into big generators of views.

You don’t need to speak at all, making it a great option for a faceless channel.

You can make your own mixes as one long video or even livestream an infinite playlist that users can come back to again and again.

Some channels choose a visualizer or simple animation to accompany their content, giving the user something to interact with visually without taking too much of their attention away from their work.

Personal Development

If you have gained lots of ways to develop yourself personally and have ideas that haven’t been shared before on other channels, you can present them on your own faceless channel.

The voiceover will be the most important aspect of the video, as you will be talking about your methods for creating habits, setting goals, working towards your objectives, and more.

Adding images and videos can greatly benefit your channel so that visual learners can get more from your content.

You can create your own animations or record examples of your techniques and tools.

If you want to focus mainly on your monologues, using stock images or videos that are free to share is a great way to take care of this side of the content.


Creators with a love of general knowledge and pop culture can use their skills to create interesting quizzes that other users can enjoy.

You can set a certain number of questions per quiz and release them according to your schedule.

Each one can have its own theme or you can go for general questions that might interest a wider audience.

Quiz videos are a perfect example of faceless content that doesn’t even need a voiceover.

The questions and answers can be written down and shown in a presentation-style video.

However, if you’re comfortable with doing a voiceover to ask and answer the questions, that can add some value to your channel.

You can even add some interesting details about each answer after you have given it.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditations are an example of content that works very well with the faceless formula.

They will mostly be done with eyes closed or with the gaze lowered, so moving images and differences in lighting can negatively impact the results.

Having a set image or a slow-moving visualizer can work best.

What creators need to focus on is their speaking technique.

Meditation teachers tend to have relaxed deliveries in order to make the meditator feel more at ease.

So, if this is the kind of channel you feel you would be good at, you can feel comfortable knowing that not showing your face on camera can actually be beneficial.

Historical Explanations

Creators with a deep knowledge of history can use it to their advantage by creating a historical explanation channel.

And while lots of history videos on YouTube have a presenter on screen, plenty of others are made up of stock images, archival footage, or even animations to bring the information to life.

You can present your knowledge with a simple voiceover along with these visuals.

If you’re not comfortable adding your voice to your content, you might have trouble increasing your stats.

History can be fascinating but also boring, and walls of text on a YouTube video aren’t going to be appealing.

Find a way that you are comfortable with to display your skills while remaining engaging.


ASMR videos are becoming increasingly common on YouTube as they are great for helping people relax.

The term stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is a sensation that can run through your body, mostly from your head and neck down to the bottom of your spine.

Some of the best ways of creating this sensation are with certain sounds.

YouTube creators who focus on ASMR videos tend to record soothing noises to trigger the response in viewers.

Tapping, hair-brushing, blowing, and whispering are commonly used sounds. Seeing as it’s mostly an auditory reaction, you won’t need to show your face at all.

You can even choose not to talk (mainly whisper) and focus specifically on sounds from objects.

Not only can you build your channel, you can also help people around the world who find ASMR therapeutic.


If you’re an animator or illustrator, creating a channel to show off your skills can be a great idea.

All the visuals can be of your work, with no need for you to show up in the video.

You can choose to add a voiceover or just stick to sound effects that can add to a possible storyline or music that can keep the audience engaged but focused on your animations and illustrations.

Examples of common themes in this category are stop-motion and claymotion, whiteboard animations, and 2D or 3D animations.

All of these can be directed towards kids or adults, so you have lots of chances of expanding your audience.


Receiving products and unboxing them may not seem like great entertainment, but it can be if you do it right.

Lots of YouTubers have gathered countless views by showing off their new toys and gadgets as they arrive and are unwrapped.

They tend to give some info on why they got the product, where it came from, and their first reactions to seeing it.

This works well when you can see the creator’s face as they react, but audio reactions also work well.

You can also try and discover a particularly interesting way of revealing the product without the need for talking.

For example, using special tools or adding some ASMR vibes by enhancing the sound can be specific hooks that will bring in more viewers.


You can make reviews about almost anything in the world. You can talk about new products you have just bought, albums you have listened to, films you have seen, or places you have visited.

Think about anything you enjoy and express your feelings about it on your channel.

You can even review things you don’t enjoy as long as it is engaging and original.

Once again, voiceovers will be essential for this kind of channel. Expressing your ideas will need to be concise and likable, so walls of text won’t do.

One of the best parts of making reviews is that you can easily join this method with others.

If you are doing an unboxing, you can follow up with a more in-depth review of the product.

Or you could do reviews of other YouTubers’ food and then make a video where you try to make your own version. The possibilities are endless.


Lots of people enjoy making lists of their favorite things ever. Top 50 Albums of All Time, Top 10 Movies of the 90s, Best Athletes of the 20th Century, etc.

If you include yourself in this group of people, you can turn your focus to a faceless channel that regularly makes video lists of the greatest whatever of a certain period.

Start off with the categories you’re most excited and knowledgeable about. As your channel grows, you might develop new tastes and deeper knowledge of other pieces of information.

And all you’ll need to share them are stock images and footage of whatever you’re talking about.

Adding a voiceover to show your personal enthusiasm can increase the value of your videos, but showing your face won’t be necessary at all.


YouTube compilations are well-known for gathering millions of views by displaying some of the funniest and most interesting clips on the internet in one big video.

If you’re up to date on these kinds of clips and are good at stitching them together, you could use your strengths to create a great channel without ever having to use your image or voice.

The most important aspect to keep in mind with these kinds of videos is copyright issues. If you don’t have permission to alter and share these clips, your compilations can be taken down by YouTube.

A good way to get around this is by searching for the Creative Commons tag.

Any video with this tag can have varying levels of permission for other creators to use them.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start a faceless YouTube channel?

There are many reasons to start a faceless YouTube channel, with most focusing on your privacy and your comfort in presenting yourself online.

Perhaps you want to try sharing your ideas online without opinions from people you know, from friends and family to coworkers.

You might even want to avoid certain people finding out about your channel, like your boss.

The best advantage to having a faceless YouTube channel is that it can give you a comfort that isn’t as common with videos that you need to show yourself in.

Being camera-shy isn’t something to feel embarrassed or ashamed about.

You can still build a great channel and following without ever needing to put a visual physical mark of yourself out there.

Are there any disadvantages to faceless YouTube channels?

As with any kind of content, there are disadvantages to faceless YouTube channels.

First of all, it is harder to build a connection with your audience. People have an easier time connecting with others when they see their faces, emotions, and body language.

Not showing your face can make this difficult, leading to lower chances of becoming a viral sensation.

Another disadvantage is that, depending on the type of content you’re making, you will need to rely more on other people’s videos and images for your own clips.

If you’re not careful and overlook copyrighting protocols, your videos can be removed from the platform and you will have strikes against your account.

The more strikes you have, the more likely you are to have your channel blocked. This way, your audience will be gone and your chances for monetization will be too.


This guide was created to help creators find their niche in the faceless YouTube channel world by listing the best options for this kind of content. All of the categories can be done without showing your face, with some requiring voiceovers.

By investing your time in this kind of channel, you can work towards gathering an audience and monetizing your videos while keeping the comfort of not appearing on video.

You can maintain privacy and avoid unwanted attention from people you know (or don’t).

No matter what your reasons are for creating a faceless channel, there will always be advantages and disadvantages.

As long as you are comfortable making them and are able to create engaging content, you’re on the right path.

What kind of content would you create if you were to start a faceless channel? Let us know in the comments.


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